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"Our Vision"

To be the excellent government institution that helps the life styles of the community in a beneficial way to the society

"Our Mission"

To provide a service in line with the government policies, uplift the lifestyles of the society through a planned, efficient development process consisting of proper co-ordination of resources and participation of the people"



Thambalagamuwa Divisional Secretariat division is located in the boarder part of the Trincomalee District and bounded by Town & Gravets, Kinniya, Kanthale , Morawewa divisions and Anuradhapura District. This division Comprises a total area of 244.45 Sq.km(694600 ha).12% of the total area of the district and divided into 12 Grama Niladari Divisions.

From the 1950 Thambalagamuwa Division was functioning as Divisional Revenue Officers’ Division. Then this was changed and from the year 1972 this Division was functioning as Assistant Government Agent’s Division. Thereafter, this was changed and functions as Divisional Secretary’s Division.

Thambalagamuwa Division consists of 8,500 acres of highland 14,500 acre of cultivation land and rest of the 3,600 acres covered by mountains, lagoons, forests, homestead and grass land.

Tamils, Sinhalese and Muslims are living in Thambalagamuwa Division. Thambalagamuwa is one of the rural village which is predominantly and Agricultural area. It has been analyzed and recorded in the historical notes that this division is one of the oldest village and the best division with fertile soil, ancient tanks which are very necessary for cultivation so the main economic activities are Agricultural and Agricultural based industries. The majority of the people will continue to depend on agriculture sector.

The people in this area have been displaced after disturbance that took place in the North East province and thereby cultivation of lands cattle breading and other similar development projects come to a standstill. There are 47 villages covered by 12 Grama Niladaries’ Divisions.

Thambalagamuwa Division villages come under the following three electoral divisions.

@ Muthur

@ Trincomalee

@ Seruvila


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