Divisional Secretary

Divisional Secretaary
Name         Mrs. J. Shripathy
  • BSc Eastern University of  Sri Lanka.
  • Msc ( PIM) University of  Sri Jayawardhanapura.
Work history
  • Teacher T/Methodist Girl's college, Trincomalee from 2008 to 2009
  • Assistant Divisional Secretary of Kuchchaveli Divisional Secretariat from 17.02.2010 to 01.12.2010.
  • Assistant Divisional Secretary of Thambalagamuwa Divisional Secretariat from 01.12.2010 to 04.01.2014

Assistant Divisional Secretary (Acting)

ADS Name         Mr.H.A.E.Pushpakumara.
  • B.Sc (Agriculture Technology & Management)   University of  Peradeniya.
Work History
  • Joined on 2015.09.01 for SLAS
  • Assistant DivisionalSecretary of  Divisional Secretariat Kanthale from 24.11.2015 up to now.
  • Assistant DivisionalSecretary (Acting) of  Divisional Secretariat Thambalagamuwa from 09.03.2015 up to now.


Acct Name          Mr.S.Selvathas
Qualification   B.com (Special) Degree
Work History

Assistant Director Of Planning (Acting)

  adp Name          Mr.I .Mujeeb

BA(sp)Geography South Eastern University of  Sri Lanka.

MA (Regional Development of Planing.)  Colombo University of  Sri Lanka.

Work History
  • Programme Asst. of  Divisional Secretariat Kinniya from 2005 to 2008.12.21.
  • Assistant Director of planing  - Provincial Planing Secretariat (Provincial Ministry of Development - Eastern) from 2008.12.22 to 2013.04.
  • Assistant Director of planing District Secretariat Trincomalee from 2013.04 to 2013.10.09.
  • Assistant Director of planing of Divisional Secretariat Kinniya from 2013.10.10 to 2017.01.04
  • Assistant Director of planing of Divisional Secretariat Seruwila from 2017.01.05 up to now.
  • Assistant Director of planing (Acting) of Divisional Secretariat Thambalagamuwa from 2013.10.10 to 2017.01.04

Administrative Officer (Acting)

  mahinda Name          Mr.R.W.M.Wanasingha
Qualification     Public Management Asst I Service
Work History
  • Clerk Of District Secretariat Trincomalee from 1987.01.14 to 1993.
  • Clerk Of Divisional Secretariat Thambalagamuwa from 1993 to 2010.
  • Public Management Asst. Of District Secretariat Trincomalee from 2010 to 2014.
  • Public Management Asst. Of  Divisional Secretariat Thambalagamuwa from 2014 to 2018.
  • Administrative Officer (Acting)Of Divisional Secretariat Thambalagamuwa  from 2018.07.02 up to now.




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